"Beale has revealed a mature talent with a sharp eye for both the intricacies of the surface detail and the complexities of the inner life. In Another Life Altogether, Beale reminds us that writing, always potentially dangerous, also confers grace, and that with the power of the word, we all have the potential to become the heroines of our own lives."  The Boston Globe



"Ultimately, Another Life Altogether is about the power of speaking the truth... Beale handles these moments of truth-telling with grace and aplomb; this is the reason to read, adn enjoy, Another Life Altogether." Lambda Literary



"There are a lot of truths in Beale's fiction, and some are the aching, hard-won variety... It's a big boo cresting at just over 400 pages, but Beale's storytelling skill is remarkable, and this tale of the young and the restless flows effortlessly." Bay Area Reporter



Another Life Altogether was featured in Oprah Magazine. Check out the reading guide here

Murder in the Castro

A murder mystery set in the Castro District of San Francisco in the 1999's, amid ACT-Up demonstrations, political corruption, and anti-LGBT hate crimes.  



Another Life Altogether

"Elaine Beale is an extraordinary writer, and Another Life Altogether is heartbreaking and hilarious all at once."  Sandra Cisneros 


"Another Life Altogether captivated me from the very first page. Dazzling in its authenticity and utterly absorbing, it is an uplifting story about adolescence, family, and finding one's place in the world. With the character of Jesse Bennett, Elaine Beale manages to create hope and humor in an otherwise turbulent world. It is a rare, insightful, and gorgeously written novel."  Sara Gruen

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