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“Elaine is a superlative teacher whose

sole agenda is to get you to write:  If you’re a beginner, she’ll show you how to get started. If you’re stuck, she’ll show you how to get unstuck. If you’ve got a completed draft, she’ll give you insightful and honest feedback. She does this all in a friendly, encouraging way. And when you read her marvelous novel, Another Life Altogether, you’ll see that she knows exactly what she’s talking about.”

         Brie Ducey

       “Elaine enthusiastic approach to

teaching offers encouragement to the beginner as well as to the more experienced writer. Her balanced appraisals of each writer’s offering inspires and informs not only through her thoughtful critique, her knowledge of the craft, but also her practical experience in the real world of publishing. I’ve learned to take myself seriously as a writer.”

            Beth Hoge

Starting Your Novel, Five-Week Class Monday Evenings. Starts July 9th, 2018

Plot & Structure, One-Day Workshop, Saturday July 28, 2018

“Elaine has the innate ability to determine exactly what each student needs and when they need it. Because of her relentless enthusiasm and honest but supportive critiques, I was able to discover not only my own voice, but the richer experience of being part of the fiction writing community."

Rick Kelly

“Elaine’s class was life-changing;

it cracked me open and allowed me to find the courage to cultivate my own creative voice. Elaine is the kind of teacher who is a joyful mix of mentor, guide, and friend.”

     Shelly Jackson

"Elaine is one of the most encouraging and supportive writing instructors I’ve ever worked with. She forbids you to beat up on yourself and focuses instead on helping you set realistic goals so you can achieve your writing dreams. "

Stephanie Denman 



I have taught creative writing for more than 20 years online, in the community and at several educational institutions.  Currently, I teach creative writing at The Writing Salon in Berkeley, CA. Check out my upcoming classes here:


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