Elaine Beale
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"Elaine is a writing superstar who is also an amazing communicator, trainer, and teacher. She is sharp, analytical, and knows the grant writing world inside and out."

Christine Comella, Business Owner"


"Elaine's input can reinvigorate a creative project. Her respect for the craft of writing shows in her critical feedback as well as in the care she takes to support the writer's vision." 

D.K. Watson, Novelist

"Elaine coached me in grant writing many years ago. Her guidance was invaluable. I have since written numerous successful proposals using her advice... I studied grant writing at UC Berkeley where I obtained my MPH, but Elaine's coaching proved to be much more valuable."

Blue Walcer, 
Nonprofit Program Director


 “Elaine took my novel, analyzed it within an inch of its life, and handed it back to me with clear direction on how to make it the best piece of fiction it could be. By the time she was done, she knew my characters and plot better than I did. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job of editing a novel-length work of fiction than Elaine. I heartily recommend her to anyone who wants to publish.”

                   Eva Guralnik, Writer

"I simply can't imagine a better reader for my work. Elaine not only identified the problems with my book, but provided the wisdom, insight and support to help me fix them."

        Julie Smythe, Writer 


Consulting Services


Complete Manuscript Review

A detailed written analysis of your book-length manuscript. I'll tell you what’s working, what needs strengthening, and suggestions for improvements as well as suggestions for edits on the page. Once you’ve received the written analysis and had a chance to review it, we schedule a one-hour consultation (via Skype or phone) in which you can ask questions, brainstorm options, and explore my comments, edits and suggestions.


Outline Review

Outline Review, includes an analysis of your book outline and first chapter, a written summary of my analysis and suggestions, and a one-hour consultation (via Skype or phone) to ask questions, brainstorm options, and further explore my comments or suggestions.


Applyling for Grants and Awards

I have more than 20 years of experience as an independent fundraising consultant, raising funds for individual writers, artists and creatives as well as an array of organizations. Over the course of my career, I raised more than $65 million.

I provide consultation and editing services to help individuals prepare  professional and compelling applications for grants, awards, fellowships and other funding opportunities, as well as MFA programs. 


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