Elaine Beale
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"Elaine is a wonderful coach.

She was able to intuitively listen and help

me come to new understandings of myself

and how I wanted to approach the situations

I brought to coaching. After each session, I felt empowered and inspired to  meet what were once difficult situations or setbacks as opportunities to show up as my highest self."

Gabriela Melgar, Creative Entrepreneur 

   “Elaine is a an amazing coach.

She asks all the right questions, uses incredible intuition, and helped me

focus my energies and complete

the project I'd been procrastinating

        about for years.”

                 Janie Pruitt, Artist

"Elaine is a positive driving force

who helps me set goals and supports me to achieve them. My motivation is now abundant! Elaine provides remarkable insight, wisdom and equips me with powerful tools so I can successfully navigate obstacles. I'm not only happier, I'm also so much more productive."

      Barbara Collier, Business Owner

Coaching for Writers, Artists & Creative Professionals

Living a creative life means going against the grain, and striking out on your own. It can be lonely and frightening. You have to battle naysayers and stay focused in the face of distractions. Often, your inner critic is the voice that undermines you the most.

In the face of this, the challenge can feel overwhelming. You need someone to act as your ally and champion. Someone who can help you stay true to your vision. Someone who will challenge you and help you stay on track.

That’s where I step in….


As a writer and creative entrepreneur myself, I have a personal understanding of the challenges facing artists, writers and creatives. I’m also a Certified Professional Coach who has worked for more than 20 years supporting creative people to realize their goals.


As your coach, I help you:

  • Identify limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Face down your fears and grow your confidence
  • Recognize your own strengths, talents, and assets
  • Establish effective working habits and increase your focus
  • Set and meet ambitious goals
  • Shift your mindset to support your artistic & professional success


I work with clients who want to:

  • Complete a book, artistic project, or other creative work
  • Grow a thriving creative business
  • Carve out a successful creative career
  • Increase focus and productivity
  • Overcome blocks and develop a consistent creative practice
  • Fully embrace their own unique and creative journey
  • Create a deeply fulfilling and abundant life


Interested in a free coaching consultation?

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